Lot of exciting news to tell you!

Lot of exciting news to tell you!

We’ve been working very hard getting ready for the up and coming Cambridge University’s freshers’ fair. If you are going to be there, please stop by our stall and say hello. The fair is a great way for us to meet current and new users of WizPar. It’s also a great opportunity to answer any questions you may have directly. We will be giving away some WizPar goodies for you to enjoy, and our annual free prize draw will be running. There’s the chance to win a cream tea for two (within Cambridge). (If you can’t make it, please do contact us via the support email as found in this blog post and mark as ‘Cream Tea Draw’).

More exciting news! We have just launched our new user dashboard. Giving you even more control by letting you curate your own streams! Don’t worry if you need some assistance or guidance, we’re right here. There’s more…  why not join our ‘WizPar Workshop Team’? Our get-togethers are completely informal and in a relaxed environment. You will usually see our group munching free pizza, socialising and getting help with our app.There’s even a competition for the best curated streams within the ‘WizPar Workshop Team’. For the first competition, there’s the chance to win £100’s worth of Amazon vouchers, so show us what you can do! How generous are we?! All you need to do is get in contact and let us know you’d be interested in joining us. Email us at support@dawepost.co.uk

The dashboard is fully functional, giving you the opportunity to build your own streams. Not only that, but the really clever stuff is the use of filters, so you can fine tune the information you see. For example, say you have a passion for cars that results in visiting 20 odd websites on a regular basis, but there is a tiny problem… you are only interested in information or articles focused on Morris Minors. With a few clicks the only information you will see now is.. Morris Minors. However, you can add additional filters… so it may well be that you are only interested in Morris Minors from the 1960s… and so on.

Like with most new things it can take time to get your head around the technology. So that’s why we have produced a new Youtube video just for you. If you need a little bit of help, just visit our Youtube Channel or feel free to email us. We are here to help 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you at the fair — see you soon 🙂