KB18-004 User Permissions


There are two types of WizPar Stream – Public or Private.


The user permissions for either a Public or Private Stream will be set and managed by the curator.


There are three options:



  • All users may search for this stream (name and display name will be visible): This determines whether a Stream appears in searches within the WizPar App.
  • Readable by all users: This defines whether a Stream is Public or Private. If this option is ticked, then the Stream becomes Public; otherwise it will be Private. Private Streams will require the curator to respond to requests to access the Stream from users using the WizPar App. The user will see a message detailing the request at the time when they subscribe to the Stream. The Stream will not be visible to the user until the curator grants permission.
  • All users may post new articles and comment on existing articles: If this option is ticked, then users will be able to respond to articles within the Stream, and to post new articles within the Stream.




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