KB18-003 WizPar App – Searching, Subscribing and Unsubscribing to a Stream (Public or Private)

WizPar provides a wide range of public Streams for you to subscribe to. In addition, registered users may create & curate their own Streams, which can be publicly viewed, or kept private.

To browse or search the current list of public Streams, click the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.

The list of available WizPar Streams will appear. You can choose which Streams to watch, and which to hide, simply by using the on/off switch beside each stream. If you wish to narrow your search, simply key any word or part word into the search box – Streams containing those characters in their name will appear. To subscribe to a particular Stream, simply click the on/off switch beside the Stream. You will often receive a notification that the creator of a Stream needs to grant you permission to view it. You should choose to either request access or cancel.

The stream will now appear on your Stream List.  There will be a number in brackets by the Stream name. That refers to the total number of articles or posts in a Stream. The number of recent articles or posts in that Stream is also shown.

Filter by Source

When you click for the first time on a newly subscribed Stream, a hint will pop up suggesting that you “Filter by source”. You may select which sources to see articles or posts from, simply by turning them off and on in this window. Click “Done” at the top or bottom of this hint when you’ve finished making your selections. [This hint will reappear every time a new source carrying active information on it appears in your feed].

Group Options

Once you are in a thread, click the “cog” icon at the top right hand side of the screen to access “Group Options”.

– Mark Group as Read: Allows the user to mark all articles and posts as read. Removes both the unread count and the number of recent articles from the Stream List.

New post: This option allows you to comment on posts (If permitted by the curator of the Stream). You will need to enter a valid email address in the dialogue box in order to proceed. This will be visible to other WizPar users.

– Filter by Source:  See above.

– Unsubscribe from Group: If you no longer wish to receive articles and posts from this Stream.

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