KB18-002 WizPar App – Installation and Setup


You have downloaded the WizPar App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and are launching it for the first time.

Registering an Account vs Guest

On first launching WizPar you will be prompted to set up an account or continue as a Guest. Registering an account requires a valid mobile phone number, as you will be sent a verification code by text.

Registering an account will allow you to set up and curate your own WizPar sources, streams and filters; if you do not wish to do that, then you may continue as a guest. Guests have access to all existing public WizPar streams.

Allow Notifications & Location Services

You should opt to allow Notifications and Location Services if you wish to subscribe to streams which deliver content based on your location – for example, the recommended streams that will appear when you first log on to WizPar.


      Manage Accounts: Allows the user to specify their own WizPar server settings (For example if they run their own in-house server)

      Appearance: Allows the user to adjust the displayed font size – larger or smaller.

      Settings: Allows the user to customise their view

      Show all hints again: Resets all hints to “on”.

      Send Logs to Support: Submits logs to WizPar Support, if requested.

Default Streams

When you launch the App for the first time, WizPar will suggest some default streams to get you started. These include the WizPar Announcements and Wizpar Chat streams.


The WizPar App  interface includes pop-up hints to guide you, and help to optimise your experience. You can turn hints off individually by using the switch in the window. You can turn all your hints back on under Settings->Show all hints again.



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